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Disclaimer: This is not XReader. It is a smol story of which you go along with.
(Y/N)= Your name
(Y/G)= Your gender
(Y/E/C)= Your eye color
(Hair color isn't in this yet)

You wake up in what seems to be a little girl’s room. Blackish-violet wallpaper with lighter colored hearts here and there surround you. You appear to be in the bed of whoever resides here.

However, a small white glow in the darkness causes you turn your (Y/E/C) eyes to the left corner.

The glow is bright, yet small. You wish you had a flashlight with you to check what it was. You sit on the kid-sized bed, trying to figure out what the light was. You squint, focusing all the attention you could give (and even more) to look at the light.

However, as much as you hate it, your curiosity brings you to check it out yourself.

You grab the pillow, wanting to see if this thing was alive or just some dying night light.

You throw the pillow at the light, hitting it. It makes a a chew toy?

James P.O.V.

I watched (Y/G) from my corner until the pillow struck my face. I fell over, making a pained squeak. Oh no. They heard me. I saw them peering down at me, specifically my bad eye. If only that thing wasn't always glowing, They wouldn't of even known I was here.

Then, I saw them get off the bed.… I thought with fear. Jamie had told me once about what kids did to their dolls. Just remembering the details of them practically strangling them, putting their greasy hands all over them, and then throw them in a box to be possibly treated worse by other people - just sent a shiver through me.

Whoever this was, they looked about a year or two under my 12 and ¾ year old friend.

The younger, the worse.

They started walking over to me. The stopped when they got to me, they're (Y/E/C) eyes looking down at me. They picked me up.

“What are you doing?”

I heard Jamie’s voice from behind my possible torturer.

Jamie’s P.O.V.

I felt a smile attempting to creep up my face as I saw (Y/N)’s (Y/E/C) orbs look at me in fright.

“I'm just-” I cut them off.

“You don't just wander into someone's home and start messing with their things!” I snapped. If they thought they could just waltz in and try to hurt James...they were very wrong.

(Y/N) saw my anger rising. “I-I don't want to cause any trouble he-” I cut them off again. This time, with a glare. I could see James looking at me with his good eye, hoping that I would save him.

Don't worry. I won't let (Y/G) hurt you.

(Y/N) didn't get the memo and squeezed James out of fear. I felt anger rise up in me as he let out another pained squeak.

Your P.O.V.

You didn't know that bunny plush was so important to her. You let out a cry of pain when you feel something small, yet sharp cut into your soft flesh.

You let go of the plushie, which runs to the girl and climbs up her body fairly quickly. You could see it's head resting on her shoulder, both eyes glaring at you.

“Why are you in my house…?” the girl questioned.

“I-I...I just...I was just here! Honestly!” you stuttered. It was becoming apparent that this girl was furious.

Silence filled the room. With this silence, the girl began to calm down. She took a deep breath and closed them. Then she looked at you straight in the eyes.

“I don't really believe're a human?” Her silver eyes started looking over you. Wait? But she’s a human…

“Aren't you a human?” you asked, your fear turning slowly into curiosity.

The girl’s eyes narrowed. “Not everything is as it seems. James looked like any ordinary old rabbit plushie, right? But then he clawed you, correct?”

You looked at your hand, which had small droplets of your blood dripping off of it. “He did…” you answer.

“It's a way for him to defend himself,” she said. “I’m sorry that we weren't able to introduce ourselves properly though…” the girl sighed.

James P.O.V.

“My name is (Y/N),” the child said.

“Jamie and James here,” Jamie said, pointing to herself, then me.

I already didn't like (Y/N). Oh well...maybe with time I will.


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Hoi and hallo from the other side! The reason why I don't have my normal username (FeatherHeart600) is because some person took it (oh joy ;w;...)


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